As Twitchy reported, 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer bonded over a mutual love of universal background checks while a shootout was still happening in Philadelphia after a narcotics unit attempted to serve a warrant. Would Harris’ gun control policies, which she’s threatened to enact by executive order if Congress doesn’t pass them in her first 100 days as president have prevented the shooting? Of course not, but it made for good conversation by CNN’s standards.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the other presidential candidates’ tweets regarding the shootout in Philadelphia, and Marianne Williamson wasn’t about to wait for the facts before pushing her own gun control agenda.

She could have stopped after “crisis” and that would have been a good tweet. But what kind of gun control policy is she calling for? Bump stocks have been banned since March, we’re not sure which “loopholes” she wants closed, and we don’t know her definition of “assault weapons,” though she has said as president she will ban the manufacture and sale of ammo for assault weapons, so even if you have one and don’t turn it in to the government, the joke’s on you.

We have to admit, a lot of the Democratic candidates sent their thoughts and prayers to the police officers and left it at that. Then again, some didn’t.

Our hearts are with the Trump donors you doxxed with your list of shame. Let’s hope they stay safe.

The NRA? Seriously?