We know we’ve said it before, but Stephen Gutowski might be one of the only reporters (we’ll give a shout-out to Emily Miller as well) who actually knows guns. And it apparently falls to him to keep the press honest when it comes to shooting statistics. (No, you can’t shoot 1,200 rounds a minute with an AR-15.)

You might remember last May, when CNN put up a graphic claiming there’d been 22 school shootings already that year, or around one shooting every week. Gutowski looked into it and found that CNN’s count included shootings where neither the shooter nor the victims were students or faculty at the school, accidental shootings, and even one incident where one student was bruised after being shot with a BB gun.

Even the Washington Post stepped in with a fact-check when gun-control group Everytown had claimed 18 school shootings by mid-February 2018, and Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, HuffPost, TIME and other media outlets just ran with the number.

Now NBC News’ Chuck Todd is claiming there have been 101 mass shootings around D.C. over the past five years, and once again, Gutowski sets the record straight.