We do this every time there’s a mass shooting (forget the routine double-digit weekend homicides in Baltimore), and we still don’t understand the point. Pro-gun control politicians keep saying they’re only coming for “military-style assault weapons” like the very popular and widely owned AR-15, claiming that they kill more people faster because they have an incredible rate of fire. Plus, the bullets go slightly faster, so there’s even less chance of ducking out of the way.

Igor Volsky, who’s now with some organization called Guns Down America, informed us Saturday after the El Paso shooting that you can empty a 30-round magazine in about five seconds.

500 rounds a minute? Has Volsky ever fired 500 rounds in one minute? While reloading? Which melted first, his trigger finger or the barrel? He must be some sort of superhuman.

Thankfully for us, the BBC still cares enough about our gun problem that BBC News put together a handy chart showing just how quickly different guns can be fired:

Whoa, hold up. They’ve modded an AR-15 to fire 1,200 rounds a minute? What’d they add, the chainsaw bayonet?

Yeah, it’s gone.

The cops did raid a thrift shop and walk away with a rusty spoon that could have hurt someone.