It looks like Igor Volsky’s got a new gig besides spouting nonsense on Twitter about guns; his bio says he’s the executive director of Guns Down America, and one of his duties apparently is to continue spouting nonsense on Twitter about guns.

It’s amazing how many gun experts there are out there who want the things banned and confiscated. We may have reached peak ridiculousness after the Parkland shooting, when members of the mainstream media were excusing inaction by the school resource officer by arguing that he had no chance against the shooter, because rounds came out of the AR-15’s barrel at a higher velocity than his sheriff’s office-issued sidearm.

Volksy, like every other liberal out there, is going on about “assault weapons,” and we’d really like to see him at the range with one, because he claims he can empty a 30-round magazine in five seconds:

And they wonder why we don’t want activists like Volsky helping equally ignorant members of Congress write gun control legislation.