Joe Biden’s campaign to lose his front-runner status and, hopefully, the 2020 election continues. As president, Biden would end the detention of migrant children — you know, like the ones in cages in those photos from 2014 — and end “inhumane” and “terrorizing” ICE raids like the ones that led President Obama to be known as the deporter in chief.

He’s also promised Obamacare 2.0, which would cover illegals too, and assured Americans that if they like their private health insurance plan, they can keep it (this time).

Biden’s been doing a lot to distance himself from the Obama administration, which is odd, considering how the media portrayed it as America at its best. Now he’s told The New York Times that the Obama administration left a lot of people behind.

Joseph Simonson writes:

Joe Biden said the White House under President Barack Obama, when Biden was vice president, did not do enough to address the concerns of white working-class voters in the Rust Belt.

“A lot of people were left behind,” the 2020 Democratic candidate told the New York Times when discussing the post-recession economic recovery. “In areas where people were hard hit, I don’t think we paid enough attention to their plight.”

And this is why Americans should vote for you? Because you dropped the ball last time?