Apparently, CNN’s Brian Stelter doesn’t realize that the nation has moved on from President Trump’s “racist” tweets against “The Squad” and is now watching a Democrat of Cuban descent being accused of racism by a black state representative from Georgia.

Stelter’s still stuck on Trump, and that’s no surprise; as Twitchy has reported, CNN has gone all-in on calling Trump a racist and announcing that his 2020 re-election strategy is “no more dog whistles, just naked racism.” That assessment had come from Jake Tapper, who only two days earlier had avowed white nationalist Richard Spencer on his show, apparently as the network’s expert on racism.

As we said, CNN is going all-in, and Stelter has decided it’s time for the network to blow the lid of Trump’s decades of racism.

Thank goodness we’ve had CNN around to tamp down all of that racial tension that’s been building up for decades.

Yeah, maybe see if Jeff Zucker can come on “Reliable Sources” and explain why he’d greenlight “The Apprentice” knowing the star’s decades of racism.

CNN’s been on the air since 1980 but suddenly has become interested in Trump’s racism as the 2020 election cycle gets underway.

Heck, Kamala Harris all but called Joe Biden a racist at their first debate, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made it very clear that Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to target women of color in Congress.

Doesn’t he have a book whining about Fox News in the hopper? If he can just ride “Reliable Sources” until those sweet book royalties start rolling in.