As Twitchy has reported, CNN has gone all-in on calling President Trump racist after he called out “The Squad,” with Jake Tapper coming right out and saying Thursday that Trump’s 2020 re-election strategy is “just naked racism,” after he “claimed” to disavow the “Send her back!” chant that broke out at his rally in North Carolina Wednesday night.

As we all know, everyone at CNN shares a sort of hive-mind, though we thought Tapper was somewhat resistant to it and we were sorry to see Oliver Darcy absorbed into it (after criticizing CNN). Every host and correspondent and panelist will now fall in line, including Jim Acosta:

It’s funny that Jim Acosta, who’s done a Zapruder-like analysis of the Trump rally video to see if Trump really disliked the chant, should mention video not lying, because just a few days ago, he posted video that suggested Trump’s guests at his social media summit had tried to start a fight with the mainstream correspondents.

Yeah, about that: As Twitchy reported, another video clearly shows that it was CNN political analyst Brian Karem who was trying to goad the social media people into a fight — a literal fistfight.

What was that about gaslighting again? Maybe Acosta would like to perform another frame-by-frame analysis and update his tweet?

We get that CNN — the entire network — is going all-in on the “Trump is a racist” angle, but maybe take a look in a mirror.

Now let’s let him get back to his investigation of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tax and campaign finance fraud and possible immigration fraud. Oh, never mind, she denied it.