Twitchy already did a post about the hall monitors at CNN apparently having no problem giving a nationwide platform to white nationalist Richard Spencer, but the network had a good reason: they thought they could make President Trump’s “racist” tweets sound even more racist if they brought on a real live Nazi to endorse them.

Jake Tapper tweeted out a link to the story — headed, “Hate Watch” — as if nothing unusual had happened. “The Lead” brought on the hate, and you watched.

Editor’s note: Tapper appears to have deleted the tweet featuring Spencer only to repost the exact same segment with a photo of Trump, because that’s … better?

Yeah, not like those far-right-wing loons Trump had at his social media summit.

Hey now … it’s only 7 p.m.

And you aired them on your show.

CNN media guy Brian Stelter doesn’t seem to have noticed any of the backlash or he would have chimed in by now, certainly.