Well isn’t this interesting. CNN’s Oliver Darcy, who personally led the charge to have Alex Jones and InfoWars banned from Twitter, was on the air last week calling President Trump’s social media summit “alarming and dangerous” because it was just a gathering of “right-wing trolls.” In no way should the White House give a forum to the extremists.

“Trump inviting right-wing extremists/trolls to the White House” is “also boosting those people,” complained the guy whose network decided on Tuesday to give a platform to white nationalist Richard Spencer.

Does Darcy consider this CNN validating the opinions on those on the fringe of politics? Richard Spencer deserves a TV hit, but Alex Jones must be driven from all social media? What’s the deal here?

Maybe Darcy and Brian Stelter will look into how a declared white nationalist was given airtime on their network? We know they miss Michael Avenatti hanging around, but come on … have some standards.