The Senate is having a hearing on Google and censorship, less than a week after President Trump hosted his own #SocialMediaSummit at the White House to discuss such topics as de-platforming, doxing, and shadow banning with mostly (but not all) conservative content creators on social media.

The summit really got under the skin of “real journalists” like Playboy’s Brian Karem, who taunted attendees in the Rose Garden, said they were “prone to demonic possession,” and challenged guests to a fistfight, all caught on video — video we never would have seen if it had been left to the “real” journalists to cover the event.

The Daily Signal’s Rob Bluey reported that there were about 250 “digital leaders, social media influencers, and members of Congress” in attendance — or, as the New York Times called them, “right-wing social media trolls.”

During the Google hearing, Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii brought up the social media summit, calling it “a rogues gallery” of “racists and conspiracy theorists.”

And if Trump had invited, say, Alex Jones, who has been banned, how well would that have gone over?

Her staff keeps her right on top of things:

Oh yes, poor, thick-skinned Carlos Maza, who’s moved on from (successfully) trying to get Steven Crowder’s videos demonetized to trying to get the pro-Trump subreddit shut down, seeing as he couldn’t fulfill his dream of taking down Fox News.

Google’s kind of an embarrassment as well: