We haven’t written about thick-skinned Voxxer and Media Matters alumnus Carlos Maza (who admitted he’d joined “to take down Fox News”) much since his attempt to have Steven Crowder run off of YouTube, which is dominated by alt-right monsters, by the way.

We should have kept an eye on him because it would have been foolish to think his success in getting Crowder’s videos demonetized was going to be the end of it. He’s found what he’s good at — shutting down speech — and he’s sticking with it.

You might not be familiar with Reddit, the massive online forum that is divided into subreddits, such as pro-Trump subreddit The_Donald. While we weren’t looking, Media Matters and Maza decided that The_Donald had to go due to calls to violence.

Journalist Tim Pool reports that Reddit has indeed done something about it.

Quarantine doesn’t mean much, but it does pop up a warning you have to accept before entering the forum.

Wonder if the media watchdogs at CNN, Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter, will be reporting on this. Darcy got a taste for it while tirelessly campaigning to have Alex Jones removed from Twitter; you’d think he’d be interested.

The guy’s just being taken out of context by you alt-right monsters who dig up tweets like these:

See, context?


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