We’ve done a couple of posts on the YouTube war between Vox’s Carlos Maza and Steven Crowder, although it’s not really a war if one side isn’t taking it seriously. Maza is on a bit of a crusade to have Crowder flagged or banned or demonetized as punishment for making anti-LGBT content, which is actually anti-Maza content.

Maza has his own YouTube content which he feels is being damaged by Crowder, and in this interview, he makes it clear that the problem isn’t so much Crowder as it is YouTube, which is “dominated by alt-right monsters” to YouTube’s delight since the outrage brings in viewers. That makes Crowder “the platform’s ideal user.” He’s good, yeah, but ideal? Maybe.

Here’s the six-minute version from BuzzFeed News if you can stand it:

And here’s the relevant excerpt about Crowder if a minute-and-a-half if more to your tolerance.

Yeah, “Milkshake them all. Humiliate them at every turn. Make them dread public organizing.” But stop making fun of my videos!