We already showed you footage of Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem nearly getting into a fight with Sebastian Gorka after saying that the social media figures President Trump had invited to the White House Thursday for his #SocialMediaSummit were “a group of people that are eager for demonic possession.”

Karem, who’s been known to tell some super-genuine anecdotes involving amazingly woke young kids who strike up conversations with him on the D.C. Metro when they see his press credentials, was really salty at having to share the Rose Garden with social media figures who don’t, you know, post YouTube videos of themselves eating cereal in a bathtub full of milk and thus get to interview the president.

Here’s another video, this time of Karem fighting with Joy Villa about how many copy editors she has. Because if she doesn’t have a staff of copy editors, then she’s not a journalist. No one is.

Wow, between Karem and Jim Acosta and Oliver Darcy … this #SocialMediaSummit really got under their skin, and thus was totally worth it.

Who gets their news from the New York Times? ‘Cause you might want to double-check.