Apparently, CNN needs two people to cover the media; Brian Stelter watches Fox News every night (like most Americans watching cable TV), and Oliver Darcy goes on seemingly personal quests to do things like get Alex Jones and InfoWars banned from Twitter, going so far as to scrub through his timeline for violations that Twitter must have overlooked.

So it’s the least surprising thing of all to hear that Darcy was invited on camera to warn about President Trump’s “alarming and dangerous” #SocialMediaSummit, at which right-wingers like Benny Johnson might be sharing “dank memes” with the president in an attempt to “tear down” legitimate news organizations like CNN.

Of course, CNN is also the network that tracked down and threatened to doxx the kid who came up with the GIF of Trump wrestling the CNN logo if he didn’t straighten up and fly right — so they’re pretty sensitive about memes.

CNN also thought it was alarming and dangerous when Trump put them in the back row at a Rose Garden press conference.

Andy Ngo isn’t a “conservative” journalist either, but because he covers Antifa thuggery the mainstream media just assumes he is.

Here’s some more hyperbole for you: