As Twitchy reported, once the major tech platforms like Facebook and YouTube fell in line and started banning Alex Jones and Infowars, CNN’s Oliver Darcy tweeted that the media should be getting more credit for getting Jones’ banned — after all, it was their reporting that put the pressure on the tech giants to act.

Then CNN reported that even though Jones had been driven from nearly every online platform, the Infowars app was still available for download from Apple’s and Google’s app stores. The content was still out there!

Now that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has stated that Alex Jones and Infowars won’t be banned from Twitter because no rules have been broken, CNN has decided to keep pushing and dug through Jones’ old tweets and found exactly what you’d expect to find there.

Yeah, sounds like Twitter. Did they find any hateful attacks on the “groveling goblins” that are white people? We hear Twitter didn’t ban the reporter who posted those either.

What’s perplexing to us is why the media, and CNN in particular, are acting as the terms-of-service police in this particular case? Why so much energy expended on ensuring that Alex Jones is scrubbed from the Internet when there are anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan who get a pass? Is this policing of content going to be an ongoing thing for CNN, or is this just hot right now?

Hey, it looks like CNN got results … again. Thanks?

There probably is. But you’d have to search to find it, and then click play to watch it. You know, make a choice as a consenting adult.

Yeah, like that guy who made the GIF with CNN’s logo. Unleash K-FILE on Jack and dig up some dirt.

As Twitchy reported Wednesday night, The Weekly Standard’s Jonathan V. Last made the case for more bannings, but people were concerned exactly who was going to wield the ban hammer and determine what was allowable and what was not — and it looks like CNN really wants the job.

Our question isn’t so much who’s the next target but will there even be a next target? Or does this news cycle die when Twitter finally relents and bans Jones like everyone else?

If CNN’s taking requests, Farrakhan’s videos would be a great place to start. Hint, hint.