We’ve already mentioned Thursday’s #SocialMediaSummit at the White House, which gave CNN’s Oliver Darcy the vapors, knowing that President Trump was hosting a bunch of “right-wing extremists and trolls” (Tim Pool?) whose only goal was to “tear down” legitimate news organizations … and maybe CNN while they were at it. Those GIFs of Trump wrestling the CNN logo really got to those guys.

We’ve covered the times CNN and especially Jim Acosta have felt disrespected: when a non-traditional outlet got called on first, when CNN didn’t get a question at all, when CNN got stuck in the back row at a press conference, when Acosta had to wrestle the mic out of a young staffer’s hand to finish his two-part question … it’s truly a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.

And to top it all off, President Trump let all of his social media buddies sit up front at Thursday’s press conference following the summit.