Journalist Andy Ngo was hospitalized a week ago today during an Antifa protest in Portland; 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang distinguished himself by being the first to wish Ngo well on Twitter just a couple of days later, while it took Joe Biden a week to step up and denounce the attack:

Guess they’re still calling him a “conservative” journalist because he documents violent acts by vigilante far-left thugs on camera because no one else will.

On Friday, The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart gave his hot take on Antifa:

Funny that with so little support from liberals, Twitchy was able to find all sorts of people (like the Human Rights Campaign’s Charlotte Clymer) claiming that Ngo was “asking for it,” or that he wasn’t a real journalist and shouldn’t have been there. Slate’s Aymann Ismail claimed that what Ngo has done is worse than what he got (a brain hemorrhage).

Ngo was hit with a “milkshake” which police said was probably skin-burning quick-drying cement, which really amused MMFA’s Parker Molloy and HuffPost’s Christopher Mathias, and super-fact-checker Talia Lavin. Liberals claimed Ngo was faking his injuries. Vox’s Zach Beauchamp says “broader context” is necessary to understand why Ngo was punched and hit with thrown objects. And The New York Times wasn’t about to pass judgment; it just offered an “explainer” on Antifa.

Oh, and liberals doctored headlines and claimed that Ngo staged the attack.

What was the question again? Oh yeah, why are conservatives so determined to make it look like Antifa has the support of liberals?

They were trashing Washington, D.C., Saturday — that might have been a good time to say something.

Let’s peek in on Antifa and see what they’re up to in D.C.

Yeah, but a bunch of people in The Atlantic’s thread are claiming President Trump actually is behind Antifa and uses them as an election scare tactic.

Black Lives Matter has resurfaced as well and is as classy as ever.

OK, point us to all the blue-check liberals denouncing this in their feeds today, since they don’t support it.