Note to conservative and conservative-leaning journalists: When push literally comes to shove, you probably shouldn’t expect liberal firefighters to come to your rescue.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo — who claims he’s actually more liberal than conservative — understands that today better than most, as his violent assault at the hands of Antifa has lefty journalists suddenly unable to express any outrage over actual attacks on the media.

We’ve told you about so-called journalists who have made light of what happened to Ngo. But some are opting to go another route, stripping Ngo of his journalistic credibility for the crime of documenting violent leftism. Alastair Jamieson is one such journalist.

After New York Magazine contributing writer Jesse Singal called out journalists who couldn’t bring themselves to muster even the most basic condemnation of the assault against Ngo:

British journo Jamieson took a page from Charlotte Clymer and defended Ngo’s attackers instead, claiming that Ngo is not a real journalist and suggesting that he provoked the attack:


That’s basically what he’s saying, yes.

There are plenty of them.

It’s almost as if they don’t really care about real journalism all that much.

It shouldn’t be this difficult. And credit where it’s due: Jill Filipovic, who’s about as lefty as they come, was one of the few liberal journalists out there who forcefully condemned the assault on Ngo:

Parting advice for Alastair:

Or just go to Portland and Antifa will do it for you.