Next time a mainstream media journalist cries foul over being criticized, just show them this appalling take from the New York Times on Antifa violently assaulting Andy Ngo:

More from the New York Times:

A clash between conservative marchers and black-clad protesters in Portland this weekend, which left a conservative journalist roughed up and bloodied, has renewed attention in a movement dedicated to confronting white supremacists, right-wing extremists and, in some cases, ordinary supporters of President Trump.

Known as antifa, a contraction of the word “anti-fascist,” the loose affiliation of radical activists has surfaced in recent years at events around the country, including in opposition to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.

Supporters of the leaderless ideology generally seek to stop what they see as fascist, racist and far-right groups from having a platform to promote their views, arguing that public demonstrations of those ideas lead to the targeting of minority people.

Antifa targeted a minority person when they targeted Andy Ngo, but whatever.


Many antifa organizers also participate in more peaceful forms of community organizing, but they believe that using violence is justified because of their views that if racist or fascist groups are allowed to organize freely, “it will inevitably result in violence against marginalized communities,” said [“Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” author Mark Bray], whose support for the anti-fascist movement has incited controversy at Dartmouth.

If you suspect that the entire piece reads like an attempt to rationalize Antifa’s violence, give yourselves a round of applause. Because you’re right.

Where to even begin with this garbage?

First of all, Andy Ngo is not a “conservative journalist”; he’s just a journalist who isn’t afraid to call out leftist violence. But calling him a conservative journalist allows outlets like the New York Times to otherize Ngo and avoid accidentally making readers sympathetic toward him.

Secondly, Antifa is not “anti-fascist” in any sense, other than where they got the name “Antifa.” Their tactics are as fascist as it gets.

And thirdly, speaking of enabling, the New York Times is enabling Antifa by taking the responsibility for their assault of Andy Ngo off of them and putting it on Ngo.

“Whom he blamed” is just another way of impugning Ngo’s credibility.

Not just a concussion, but a brain hemorrhage.



In case you were wondering why Antifa targeted Andy Ngo, check out this thread of his (video)