By now you know that journalist Andy Ngo was attacked by Antifa during a protest in Portland Saturday, was sent to the emergency room, and had his camera equipment stolen.

As Twitchy reported, plenty of blue-check journalists implied that Ngo was sort of asking for it, provoking Antifa like he was (in other words, recording them doing their thing). If you only watched CNN, you might have learned that Ngo is a conservative (he isn’t) who writes for Quillette, a “conservative” publication (it’s not) and “says” he was assaulted by Antifa (even though it’s on video and police have identified suspects).

We came across this thread a couple of weeks ago when Ngo posted it, but we thought we’d share it now in retrospect in case anyone is wondering why Ngo was specifically targeted for violence by Antifa — it’s because he exposes them when no one else will.

In any case, these are the people CNN’s Chris Cuomo likened to World War II soldiers storming the beach at Normandy and Don Lemon let off the hook for their violent tactics, arguing that “no organization is perfect.”

Even ABC News ran video of Antifa smashing car windows in Portland after Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

Seriously, CNN: You label Ngo a “conservative journalist” in your chyron because he exposes these far-left thugs that almost everyone at your network (Jake Tapper excluded) has excused or overlooked?

If that wasn’t enough for you, here’s video of Antifa in action Saturday in Portland taken by the Portland Tribune:

Speaking of Antifa and communism, here, once again, is then-congressman, former DNC deputy chair, and now Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison proudly holding up a copy of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.”

Ngo’s been about the only one exposing these thugs to sunlight; it would be nice if the rest of the media would wake up.