As Twitchy reported Monday, Annie Leibovitz did a photo shoot of “the women of 2020,” but the five mean girls left Marianne Williamson out of their high-five, which didn’t go unnoticed by those who cursed Leibovitz with tweets full of orb emoji.

Over at Twitchy sister site PJ Media, Jim Treacher wasn’t about to let that stand and published a piece explaining why Williamson will be our 46th president.

We’re going to give you Reason No. 3 for reasons that will become clear later:

3. She’s hot. Marianne Williamson isn’t just hot for a 66-year-old woman, she’s just plain hot-hot. Have we ever really had a hot president? I know a lot of people said this guy, but I never saw it. No offense to President Trump, but Marianne is way hotter. Time for an upgrade!

Williamson seemed to prefer that reason as well; too bad the hyphen broke her #hot-hot hashtag:

Like we said yesterday, Williamson was one of the first to qualify for the debate stage, all the way back in early May; Kirsten Gillibrand barely made it under the wire the second weekend of June. Let’s get her her own photo shoot.