As Twitchy reported earlier, Beto O’Rourke has dropped to 3 percent in the latest national CNN poll, unable to maintain that huge bump he got from that sweet Annie Leibovitz cover spread in Vanity Fair.

We guess Leibovitz is just another tool of the patriarchy, because while O’Rourke (and his poor sad-looking dog) got a fawning write up in Vanity Fair before he got the cover to himself, “the women of 2020” all had to cram together in one photo — well, five of them.

And to be honest, Leibovitz is a great talent, but these photos suck.

You’re asking what we’re asking.

First, MSNBC’s moderators blow her off for almost a full half-hour before tossing her a question, and now this? She was one of the first ones to qualify for the debates! Kirstin Gillibrand is the one who made it just under the wire.

Oh man, they’re going to the orbs.

If this next tweet were from @realDonaldTrump we wouldn’t be surprised.

* * *


Feminist Jodi Jacobson seems to have figured out why only one female candidate was left out: