If you remember, Joe Biden officially launched his campaign for president with a video in which he perpetuated the #CharlottesvilleHoax — the often repeated lie that President Trump had called neo-Nazis who had rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia, “fine people.” The unedited video clearly shows the president denouncing them: “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally,” he says.

The two sides to which he was referring were those who wanted all symbols of the Confederacy taken down and those who wanted to preserve them as historical items. And he asked a good question: where does it stop? Do we erase Thomas Jefferson and George Washington from history because they were slave owners?

Charlottesville obviously is trying to be something other than the place where a protester was run down and killed, and one way they’re doing that in addition to covering Confederate statues with black tarps is by no longer recognizing Jefferson’s birthday.

Seriously — will the Jefferson Memorial eventually be covered with a tarp, or the statue removed and the structure renamed?

Heck, they vandalized a statue of Francis Scott Key with the words, “Racist Anthem” after super-woke Shaun King wrote a piece about the national anthem being “deeply rooted in violent white supremacy.”