Statues of Christopher Columbus were being doused with red paint long before America decided (for a couple of weeks) that every Confederate statue and monument had to be taken down and hauled away overnight or covered with a tarp ASAP.

The momentum out of Charlottesville seemed to motivate people to revisit statues and memorials that had nothing to do with Robert E. Lee or the Confederacy. The nation’s longest standing monument to “genocidal terrorist” Christopher Columbus was smashed in Baltimore, and in Ohio, a statue of a Revolutionary War colonel was beheaded for reasons that mystified a lot of residents.

Who’s next?

Well, sometime this week, a statue of St. Junipero Serra was beheaded and doused with red paint at the Old Santa Barbara Mission in Santa Barbara, Calif. This seems to be the method the “woke” have chosen to communicate with the rest of us about their interminable grievances.

Oh yes, don’t forget about the monument for Francis Scott Key in Baltimore that was defaced sometime Wednesday and painted with the words, “Racist Anthem.” Someone must have read Shaun King’s piece on the “ugly” national anthem, which he wrote is “deeply rooted in violent white supremacy.”

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Exactly 203 years after the Maryland attorney wrote the poem that would later become the national anthem, the city awoke to find the words “Racist Anthem” spray-painted on the Eutaw Place monument and red paint splashed on it.

City officials said they know of no way to prevent future vandalism, short of catching the person or people responsible. Police don’t have any suspects or surveillance footage of the incident.

The city probably thought they’d solved the problem after they hauled away four Confederate statues in the dead of night. Wrong!

* * *