This time around the trouble started in Charlottesville, Va., with a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee literally at the center. It wasn’t long, though, before people started vandalizing Christopher Columbus statues and monuments again, and not just on Columbus Day — er, Indigenous Peoples Day.

Not even Abraham Lincoln was safe; a statue in Chicago was burned.

The Bucyrus Telegraph Forum reported Friday that vandals had at some point during the week decapitated a statue of Colonel William Crawford outside the Crawford County Courthouse in Ohio had been decapitated.

The thing is, Colonel Crawford fought in the Revolutionary War, not the Civil War. Attorney Joel Spitzer was the one who noticed the vandalism and alerted the police.

“It’s actually quite shocking to see this in little old Bucyrus, where we really have little connection to what’s going on in the south… William Crawford was from the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War, so I thought he was fairly safe,” he told the Telegraph-Forum.

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