Oberlin, Ohio — where you can huddle in your safe space on a sanctuary campus inside a sanctuary city — will be an even safer space this coming October, when Columbus Day will give way to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Again, this is the city with the population that’s 0.2 percent Native American and not the college — the college where the dining hall sushi bar sends special snowflakes into a debate over cultural appropriation.

The Columbus Dispatch, based in Columbus, Ohio, reports that “city council voted unanimously on Monday after hearing public comments about whether to celebrate indigenous people rather than explorer Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas.”

Warning: If you still have those glasses left over from viewing Monday’s solar eclipse, you might want to slip them on before checking out the packed house at the council meeting:

While others take bets on how long it will be before both the newspaper and the city are forced to adopt more culturally sensitive names, the fight continues in the state’s capital over three statues of the so-called genocidal terrorist whose monument in Baltimore was smashed on video by a hooded communist this week in the name of racial and economic justice.

The Dispatch reports:

“Charlottesville is not an anomaly,” said Tynan Krakoff, 29, of Columbus, one of the rally’s organizers. “There are symbols and institutions of white supremacy everywhere.”

Krakoff is a leader of Showing Up for Racial Justice, a national organization that brings white people together to oppose racism. Among the other groups that demonstrated were Black Central, Democratic Socialists of America and People’s Justice Project.

Democratic Socialists of America, huh? Never mind the political leanings of the woman who helped topple the confederate statue in Durham, N.C., or the hooded thug who smashed a 225-year-old monument to Christopher Columbus with a sledgehammer … this is all about racism.

Exit question: What are fun dads like Shaun King going to do when there is no Columbus Day? Take the day off?

* * *