As Twitchy reported Monday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told reporters as she left a migrant detention facility in Clint, Texas, that she “was not safe from the officers in the facility,” and her chief of staff later doubled down, telling people to imagine walking into a fenced area with no exit full of hateful trolls with guns who were charged with protecting you.

We know she wants to cut off all funding for the Border Patrol and abolish ICE, but we really don’t see Border Patrol agents gunning down members of Congress during a tour of the facility that they requested.

That’s the story, though, and all of the members of Congress who took the tour are sticking to it. Rep. Norma Torres told CNN Tuesday that she was afraid for herself and for her staff who were made to wait outside and hence vulnerable to attack by Border Patrol agents.

Well, they can’t make the concentration camp analogy stick if they don’t portray the Border Patrol as Nazis.

The bubble called Capitol Hill, which is guarded by men with guns? How do they know the Capitol Police aren’t plotting to kill them?

But Andy Ngo just “claims” he was beaten by Antifa thugs, even though the whole thing’s on video.


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