As Twitchy reported earlier, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going to get someone killed with her rhetoric. Everyone knows by now that she toured Border Patrol facilities in El Paso and Clint (whose holding cells offer water fountains on top of the toilets) and that, according to her, she “was not safe from the officers” at the Clint facility.

This seems odd; she was with several other members of Congress, they knew they were coming for a tour … and yet, she felt her life was in danger. We’d assume people would notice if the private jet returned one member of Congress short.

She tweeted that the reason Border Patrol officers were being so “physically and sexually threatening” toward her was because of the whole “drinking from the toilet bowl story” getting out. Seriously? Sexually threatening? We’re honestly surprised she didn’t add that she felt threatened as a woman of color, although for all we know maybe she did; she did a lot of tweeting Monday.

Her chief of staff has doubled down on her claim that she was in danger:

So the Border Patrol are hateful trolls with guns who wanted to kill Ocasio-Cortez but just couldn’t work it into the tour.


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