As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, news outlets like CNN weren’t being shy about broadcasting that heartbreaking photo of a father and daughter from El Salvador, and just like clockwork, it appeared on the front page of the New York Times Wednesday as well as on the floor of the Senate, thanks to Sen. Chuck Schumer not letting anything stand between him and exploitation of the dead.

Joe Biden has perhaps the worst social media team going, but they thought they’d give righteous outrage a shot, as though a father who tried to cross a river with his 2-year-old was an example of the Trump administration’s cruelty.

Again, we’re not sure what the Trump administration had to do with any of this, other than trying to build a border wall to discourage crossings like this one. Brandon Darby writes about the border and Mexican cartels for Breitbart, and he let Biden have it.

Agreed, and we said so much Tuesday night, knowing exactly this was going to happen.

Worse yet, according to Mexican news reports, the father carried the 2-year-old across the river and left her alone on the riverbank so he could go back for his wife. Not many are making mention of it, but the photo was taken by a Mexican photographer, in Mexico.

Don’t forget that he put kids in cages too.

It’s a good suggestion. And it’s funny and pathetic that Biden’s running as though he weren’t vice president for eight years.