Wow, this is so disingenuous it’s difficult to believe, but it’s true. As Twitchy reported, 1,400 unaccompanied migrant children were being sent to Fort Sill, and the media all got their marching orders and made sure to include in every headline that the Army base once served as a Japanese internment camp.

Of course, no one could find an instance of Fort Sill being referred to as a Japanese internment camp when President Obama was sending children to be housed there. But it sure sounded horrible — as it was supposed to — and drew the expected reaction from progressives like Gavin Newsom:

It’s horrific and inhumane to give unaccompanied children shelter at an Army base? If you thought that was over the top, though, check out Sen. Jeff Merkley’s contribution, suggesting that the Army base is still a prison camp:

He’s not “reopening an internment camp,” you clown. And if these children belong in homes, maybe their parents shouldn’t have shipped them off to the U.S. border.