As Twitchy has reported, CNN’s Jim Acosta has finally published his book, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” It’s so dangerous to tell the truth that he’s decided he’s going to share the stage with Dan Rather to make sure the truth doesn’t stand a chance.

We sure hope they have tight security at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. Between Brian Williams coming under fire in a helicopter in Iraq and Hillary Clinton dodging sniper fire in Bosnia, you can’t be too careful if you’re a liberal.

Newsbusters managing editor Curtis Houck got his hands on a copy of “The Enemy of the People” and thought he’d share the last bit of the foreword:

“My friends and family worry about my safety. I hope at the end of the day the sacrifice will be worth it. No. I know it will be.”

Dude, you’re a White House correspondent, not a war correspondent. That booth in which you were recording the audio version of your book looked pretty secure.

Is it just us, or do journalists really, really seem awfully full of themselves lately? We know they celebrate each other every year at Nerd Prom, and that they consider themselves firefighters, but if they’re preserving democracy by bravely reporting that the president was holding a blank piece of paper (which he wasn’t, but whatever) or holding up the D-Day ceremony in Normandy (which he wasn’t, but whatever), thanks but no thanks.

You think?

We’re pretty sure that was Tucker Carlson, but we don’t think he wrote a book about it.

It’s a dangerous time to be a high school kid in a MAGA hat … they had to close the school the next day over threats.

And that’s just the intro! Let’s all keep Acosta in our thoughts tonight as he and Dan Rather save us from Trump.