Heroes don’t wear capes, they get on Twitter and write stupid things. Or rather they get quoted saying stupid things about journalists and firefighters and cause people to roll their eyes SO MUCH they injure themselves.

Yikes! Shame on Katy Tur, not only did she compare media hacks to actual heroes who sometimes die saving people, she caused this innocent man to go blind.


Yes! Yes they are … it takes courage to be blathering hacks pretending to be victims of everyday people calling them out for being, well hacks.

Such heroes! (oh great, now WE’RE rolling our eyes, let’s hope we don’t go blind too).

Adams is our spirit animal.

HEY MAN, that’s news.

Or not. But clearly it was SUPER dangerous covering Clinton eating a burrito; it took real heroes to cover if she ordered guacamole or not.

They attack the GOP and defend the Left. Honestly if they just admitted as much they’d have a way easier go of things these days.

THAT’S a headline!

Don’t give the New York Times any ideas.


And it is. Sure, we can make fun of Katy and the media ALL DAY (it brings us great joy, truth be told), but ultimately what she said is very insulting and disrespectful to real heroes, like our military and yes, firefighters.

Keep it up, media.