OMG, you guys. Did you hear? Donald Trump is such an idiot, he tried to pass off a blank piece of paper as the Mexico deal. Thank goodness our Guardians of Truth were there to bust him for it:

Playboy senior White House reporter and CNN political analyst Brian Karem spread the word even further than Josh did:

Isn’t that, like, so hilarious? Trump’s totally proving all his critics right with that totally blank piece of paper that’s blank and doesn’t have anything written on it.


He is, actually. At least by media firefighters.

What guy are you, then, Brian? Surely not the kind of guy who values honesty over clicks.

Call us crazy, but that piece of paper doesn’t look blank. How could this have happened?

Maybe Brian can find a woke kid somewhere to explain that to him.

No apologies from Brian for peddling fake news, but he was able to manage a few retweets, at least:

It’s no “I messed up and am sorry and will delete the incorrect tweet” or anything, but is it really fair to expect Brian to give up all those sweet likes and retweets he scored with his fake news?

Or maybe it’s just that look you get when you’re in absolutely no position to judge someone else’s credibility.

Every. Single. Time.