Apologies in advance if you’re tired of hearing about drag queens between the ages of, say, 8 and 11, but a tweet by @crkleffner brought this to our attention and it really needs saying.

If you’ve been following Twitchy you’ll know we’ve been tracking the glowing media exposure given to child drag queens; the first who ever crossed our radar was “Lactacia,” who was featured in a giddy ELLE video when he was 8; last we saw him he was 11, sitting next to another (adult) drag queen, and (hopefully) miming the act of snorting club drug Ketamine.

Who else has gotten on the “Oh, isn’t that cute?” train? Good Morning America showed off their 11-year-old drag queen, who had previously been featured in a Pride Month video on HuffPost when he was 10. Good morning, America, time to get woke.

It would be wrong to pass judgment on a kid who just wants to dress up in drag and express himself, right? But since Twitter rolled out its new rules Thursday

Missed it by just a few hours:

Isn’t it? YouTube couldn’t figure out if Steven Crowder was just joking or harming the community at large; will Twitter weigh in on what it considers child exploitation? Because we’re pretty sure we’re seeing it.

It’ll still be up tomorrow, and the day after that, guaranteed.

But it’s Pride Month! Are you just going to sit on a video of little boys dressed up in drag?

Thank “RuPaul’s Drag Race”?

Don’t be gross, of course not. That would be wrong.