We haven’t covered University of Toronto psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson much, but he’s straddling that electrified third rail much like Charles Murray. When The Los Angeles Times did a reasonably unbiased piece on Peterson, it triggered poor Joss Whedon into calling the paper an “incel-courting fishwrapper” (incel being short for “involuntary celibate”).

In short, The Los Angeles Times put it this way: “… one of Peterson’s central themes is that men in the modern Western world are in crisis” and “Peterson sees a feminist assault on masculinity as a major culprit.”

So Peterson was not impressed when HuffPost decided to celebrate the end of Pride Month with a piece on a 10-year-old drag queen:

Of all people, Boy George of ’80s phenomenon The Culture Club chimed in with an opposing view:

So, which is it? Child exploitation or simply allowing a child to choose its own means of expression? The jury is split:

He certainly was young when he discovered his peacock nature. We mean, really young.

Or maybe this is all just child’s play?

It certainly doesn’t seem like exploitation to outlets like ELLE, that proudly featured an 8-year-old drag queen in a video segment — probably because they couldn’t find one younger.