Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden first appeared on our radar two years ago, when the then-8-year-old drag queen who went by the name “Lactatia” was featured in a feel-good video by ELLE magazine. “This 8-year-old boy loves transforming into drag queen Lactatia,” ELLE wrote, “and he won’t let other people stop him from doing what makes him feel accepted.”

At 9, “drag superstar” Nemis was a hit at RuPaul’s drag queen convention, where he had a message for “the haters”:

At 10, Nemis was photographed backstage with a naked adult man (well, not entirely naked … he had tape on his junk) for Huck magazine.

Now Nemis is 11, and he’s live streaming jokes about snorting the club drug Ketamine. The tweet’s from back in January, but it started making the rounds on Twitter Wednesday.

What? Kids and drag queens go together like eggs and bacon … that’s why more and more libraries are featuring drag queen story time (for real).

What? His mom is 100 percent behind him and really seems to enjoy joining him on TV appearances.

Wonder what the kid will be up to when he turns 12?