Drag queens? Whatever. It wouldn’t have bothered us until children — really young children — started getting involved, with the enthusiastic support of the media.

ELLE did a fawning piece and accompanying video on an 8-year-old who goes by the drag name “Lactatia” with the full support of his mother. HuffPost celebrated the end of Pride Month with a feature and video on 10-year-old drag queen Desmond Napoles, who is “proof that the future is queer.”

ELLE, HuffPost … no surprises there. But then ABC got in on the act by featuring Napoles, aka “Desmond is Amazing,” on “Good Morning America,” a week after bar patrons threw dollar bills at him.

What’s next? The Daily Wire reports that Queen Lactatia, who is now 10, has posed for a magazine with a naked drag queen who recently won “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The photo didn’t make the final spread in Huck Magazine (“seeking out the artists, activists and creative pioneers who are challenging mainstream culture”), but … what if Lactatia were a 10-year-old girl?

You can see the photo over at The Daily Wire. We’re not going to repost it because … ick.

It’s kind of amazing how the media has no qualms about the sexualization of a 10-year-old for entertainment. This isn’t a boy dressing up at home — this is exploitation by adults who see nothing wrong.

Instagram doesn’t seem to have a problem hosting the photo.

Mom certainly seems to enjoy the attention she’s getting from the media.

Have we mentioned this kid is 10?