Do you remember that Ku Klux Klan rally last month in Dayton, Ohio? If you do, it’s only because the national media felt it was very, very important to cover the nine — yes, nine — white supremacists who showed up to make fools of themselves.

Now three guys in Boston, inspired by Pride Month, have applied for a permit to hold a “Straight Pride” parade and want to fly the Straight Pride flag over city hall. On Tuesday, one of the organizers confirmed to our friends over at Twitchy sister site PJ Media that no, it’s not a joke, and they think a parade is the best way “to promote our community and its diverse history, culture, and identity.”

They’re thinking floats and everything, but we imagine it will be about 500 reporters filming three guys walking down the street.

Lefties probably think conservatives are 100 percent behind this effort, and they’d be mistaken. But now the whole thing has been given a national spotlight by The Washington Post, which ran an article Wednesday.

Actor Chris “Captain America” Evans fell back on his old ways and insulted the parade organizers by suggesting they were … gay. Um, thanks for helping?

Lindsey Graham, you say? We said “fell back on his old ways” because in January, Evans referred to Sen. Lindsey Graham as President Trump’s “Smithers.” You know, the gay Simpsons character? Get it? Because Graham’s a closeted gay man, duh, and what better way to insult him than by suggesting he’s gay and in the closet.

We don’t even know if these people are bad; they might be good people with a bad idea.

Hey, most of his followers loved it. Weird that it’s us conservatives who think it’s really not helpful to insult people by insinuating they’re secretly gay.