We’re old enough to remember when the big scare was the nuclear winter that would follow a nuclear war between the United States and Russia, but at least then you had an enemy that was far away. Now, children are raised in a climate of climate change hysteria, and the enemy is their own parents and all the generations before them that embraced capitalism instead of the Green New Deal.

Progressive parents don’t discourage this, though; they just train their kids to direct their fear and anger at Republicans who don’t believe in science.

President Trump tweeted that it was a beautiful evening, which brought this response from “science educational site” @ZonePhysics:

It’s no joke that kids actually believe the climate of the planet will change so severely in their lifetimes that the Earth will be uninhabitable … just like the Ice Age surprised everybody at the time and killed off the mammoths.

Skeptical environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg did us all a favor and ran a quick reality check:

We appreciate the chart confirming that earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanos are not caused by climate change because some high profile people do and aren’t shy about saying it.

Maybe politicians should stop pandering to youth-led socialist groups like The Sunrise Movement who claim they’ll die if the Green New Deal isn’t passed.

That’s like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and that TIME correspondent bonding over the fact that people their age had “never experienced American prosperity” in their adult lives. Every generation before had it so easy.


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