In a video message that ran during a celebrity #Harvey fundraiser earlier this month, noted scientist Beyoncé told viewers that the effects of climate change were being seen every day, from a monsoon in India to an earthquake in Mexico.

Even far-left Mother Jones did a fact-check of sorts on Beyoncé’s video and could only claim that the link between earthquakes and climate change is “not so clear.” In other words, it doesn’t exist.

But now that another earthquake has hit south of Mexico City (not to mention the magnitude 3.6 earthquake that shook the city of Westwood, Calif., overnight), there can be no denying the link between climate change and earthquakes. Just ask Amy Siskind, president of The New Agenda, a women’s and LBGTQ rights group.

Hurricanes in rapid succession? During hurricane season? And now it seems that earthquakes are multiplying as well.

Weren’t you paying attention? The Trump regime made all the scientific data disappear! It’s gone.

Are you questioning Beyoncé and her scientific credentials?

As long as everyone’s laughing …

Where’s Bill Nye to explain all of this when you need him?

* * *