Tuesday night’s celebrity-studded gala to raise money for victims of Harvey and Irma certainly didn’t have the draw that previous fundraisers have had. Beyoncé, who provided a recorded message, did managed to make some viewers’ ears perk up, though, at around the 1:25 mark. That’s when she got into the effects of climate change being seen around the world.

Um …

Yes, Beyoncé did list the recent earthquake in Mexico among the visible signs of climate change. That didn’t stop Mother Jones, though, from “fact-checking” her video and concluding that she knows more science than the entirety of the GOP.

Mother Jones fudged a bit, but eventually did admit that the link between earthquakes and climate change is “not so clear” — as in, there is no link.

Earthquake thing aside, Beyoncé still knows more about the science than most of Congress and the White House. EPA chief Scott Pruitt told CNN ahead of Irma that it was “insensitive” to talk about climate change while the storm hit. President Trump has previously called it a hoax.

“Earthquake thing aside” is a pretty generous way of grading a science test; kind of like promoting late-term abortion while putting that whole “viable human being” thing aside, or arguing that no one knows exactly how many genders there are, putting that whole “does it have male or female reproductive organs” thing aside, or comparing the body count of terror attacks in the U.S. while leaving that whole “9/11” thing aside.

But … Beyoncé said it was true, and she knows more about science than maybe even Bill Nye the failed improv comedian guy.

* * *