Honestly, we almost could have given Rep. Rashida Tlaib the benefit of the doubt and said, well, her intentions were good, but her grasp of history is lacking. Was it ignorance more than anti-Semitism that led her to claim that Palestinians, allied with Hitler, sacrificed so much to create a “safe haven” for Jews following the Holocaust?

Maybe it’s better that the hosts of the Skullduggery podcast let her ramble on and rewrite history so we have a better idea of where Tlaib is coming from. She’s already received plenty of support from Rep. Ilhan Omar (who lied to do it, but hey), and now she’s getting backup from none other than Women’s March co-founder and Louis Farrakhan admirer Tamika Mallory.

Even if you don’t know the whole history of the Women’s March and its connections to Farrakhan and anti-Semitism (laid out in great detail here), just know that even Alyssa Milano and the SPLC backed out of the Women’s March over some of Mallory’s and co-founder Linda Sarsour’s comments.

Is she just trolling us? Is this like Omar laughing after voting for what was supposed to be a censure of her anti-Semitic comments?

So Tlaib posed with a supporter at her swearing-in dinner who compared Israel to ISIS and tweeted that “Israel does not have a right to exist,” and Mallory posed with Farrakhan, whose comments … well, are too many to mention.