It’s hard to believe it was just over a month ago that Democratic leadership in the House was wringing its hands over what to do about freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, who kept saying anti-Semitic things. Finally, the Democrats drew up a resolution that didn’t name Omar but did condemn anti-Semitic speech in Congress.

And we all know how that went: Omar went on to vote for what was originally intended to be a censure of her anti-Semitic remarks and was rewarded with laughs and hugs. Instead, the House adopted a resolution that rejected all forms of hate speech, including Islamophobia.

And now you’re Islamophobic if you criticize Omar for her anti-Semitism so that all worked out well.

American University professor Ibram X. Kendi, who is also director of the school’s Antiracist Research and Policy Center, confirms that if you do not stand with Omar, you stand with Islamophobia and racism — and there is no middle ground. It goes without saying.

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