Well, the wait is over. The new draft of House Dems’ resolution condemning anti-Semitism intolerance, and it’s everything you thought it would be — if you thought it would be ultimately meaningless drivel.

That’s not far off:

Feel free to read this thing if you want to see what your representatives have been working so hard on. But we warn you: You’ll never get those three minutes of your life back.

At least the resolution acknowledges that anti-Semitism is bad. It includes stuff like this:

Ilhan Omar has done all of that. And yet, somehow, amidst all the words, they couldn’t squeeze her name in there. They did find room for this, though:

The portion of the resolution concerned with anti-Semitism also specifically mentions the horrific Tree of Life shooting, perpetrated by a far-right white nationalist, as well as the Charleston church massacre, which was carried out by Dylann Roof (and, while also horrific, was not anti-Semitic in nature). But no mention of leftist anti-Semitism or Ilhan Omar.

Taking cues from Paul Krugman, are we, Dems?

With precious few exceptions, the Democrats don’t give a damn about exorcising their anti-Semitic demons.

Democrats haven’t been able to put their money where their mouths are … but Republicans have a chance to make them do it:

Do it, GOP.

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