Rep. Ilhan Omar really has turned out to be something. As a freshman congresswoman, she was set to be censured for making anti-Semitic comments like tweeting that her colleagues’ support for AIPAC — the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — was “all about the Benjamins, baby.” Never mind that AIPAC isn’t a PAC and doesn’t contribute to campaigns.

And yet, in the end, Omar ended up voting for a resolution condemning Islamophobia and ended up laughing and receiving congratulatory hugs. She obviously has her finger on the pulse of the Democratic Party and where it’s headed.

2020 candidate Kamala Harris is already in trouble with CODEPINK for agreeing to speak again at the AIPAC conference this year, and now MoveOn’s membership has made it clear that “progressive” candidates should skip the conference.

For an organization founded to oppose Bill Clinton’s impeachment, MoveOn certainly has moved on … in a bad direction.

Because it is?

Here are their four reasons:

That’s twice already they’ve cited The Nation.

By all means, progressive Democratic candidates should skip AIPAC, and keep doing everything else they’re doing. Even Elizabeth Warren’s trying to out-progressive all the cool kids running in 2020.

Any Democrats want to reel this back in a little? Not even Barack Obama would pass this litmus test.