As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, CNN has been presented with a Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism for its Parkland show trial, hastily put on air just a week after the mass shooting and well before most of the facts were in, such as the whereabouts of the school resource officer who was charged with protecting the students.

The town hall did make stars of some of the students selected to speak, such as Emma Gonzales, but there’s another Parkland survivor who isn’t thrilled to see CNN get an award for a town hall that really, really needs a serious follow-up knowing what we do now a year later.

Hey CNN, does this matter to you at all? Or are you too busy popping champagne bottles (and unfollowing Dana Loesch, who exposed how the whole thing was put together like a WWE event meant to stoke the already hostile crowd. Plug those ears, Jake Tapper.)

We remember at the time how unseemly it appeared that CNN threw together a town hall just a week after the shooting, and Kashuv just confirmed our gut feeling.

And remember how CNN rushed to put together a town hall following the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas just a month later? Yeah, we don’t either.

Credit to Cronkite for keeping his political views off the air until he retired; we’re old enough to remember respecting him as an anchor. (We kind of felt the same way about Jake Tapper, until today.)

Here’s a sympathetic voice who cares about all the Parkland survivors:

Yeah, that was shameful of Kashuv to show off around D.C. his “ReachOut” app, which would allow students to provide each other with emotional support and help them recognize and report warning signs.

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