I guess this a thing we’re going to do now whenever Vice President Mike Pence encounters anyone from the LGBTQ community? Adam Best, who has a Twitter blue-check for some reason, posted video of Pence swearing in bisexual Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in January and pointed out how uncomfortable Pence seemed with it all.

We mean, just look at the guy:

And just look at how awkward Pence seemed swearing in Richard Grenell as our ambassador to Germany:

And now we have NowThis News, which should not be confused with news, asking its readers to enjoy Pence meeting the boyfriend of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

And …

Remember when we had a president who opposed same-sex marriage? Yeah, it was the one just before this current one. But he earned his (literal) rainbow halo on the magazine covers.

This is more shocking than that video of President Trump feeding fish with the Japanese prime minister, and Trump survived that one (barely).