Trump’s “koi pond” scandal really is fake news at its worst; as Twitchy reported, the press pool tried to make an international incident out of President Trump dumping a whole box of fish food into a koi pond in Japan. What they didn’t report was that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe dumped out his box of food first.

Big news, right? Well, anticipating Trump would embarrass the U.S. while overseas, they needed something negative to report.

What we should be getting from members of the media is an apology, but instead, Keith Olbermann thought he’d take a crude shot at both Trump and Abe.

For feeding fish? Aren’t leaders of The Resistance worried that President Trump’s Twitter outbursts are going to cause an international crisis — perhaps even a nuclear war with North Korea? And yet Olbermann sees no problem calling Japan’s prime minister a “dick” over Koigate.

Has anyone even figured out why dumping a box of food in a koi pond is a bad thing?

Vive la Résistance!

* * *