Maybe it’s just us, but it certainly seems as though Tucker Carlson’s comments on a radio show between 2006 and 2011 are getting a lot more media attention than those homophobic posts planted in Joy Reid’s old blog by time-traveling hackers — or for that matter, all of the offensive and racist posts on the old blog of Media Matters president Angelo Carusone, who’s clutching his pearls at Carlson’s banter with a shock-jock radio host.

And speaking of Media Matters and Carusone, the press certainly seems to be taking him at his word on a lot of things. He says he doesn’t want to “eradicate” Fox News, but if that’s true, he really ought to have a word with the protesters he sent to Fox News headquarters today because they really seem to want Fox News off the air, and hope to accomplish that by scaring away advertisers.

No, Carusone doesn’t want Fox News gone — he doesn’t even mind “a network with opposing political views” — he just wants the network to change its behavior. It’s entirely benevolent, you see.

The Associated Press talked with Carusone (but not Carlson) and allowed him to fact-check Carlson:

Funny how CNN’s Brian Stelter covers Media Matters as if he knows somehow that the “liberal advocacy group” will never target someone from his network or MSNBC. We thought this was, like, the year of the journalist and reporters were supposed to stick together to defend free speech.

Man, the Associated Press really ate this up: “Carusone said he was encouraged last fall when Fox cut back on airing President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies in their entirety. But he also said he’s concerned that progress can’t be made if Fox and its supporters feel backed into a corner.”