As Twitchy reported, earlier this week Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised that the Democrats would introduce a bill to restore net neutrality, the repeal of which was feared to kill millions, raise the price of each Google search to $1.99, and prevent progressive activists from organizing online. Instead, Internet speeds went up — for those who survived the repeal.

Pelosi has followed through on her promise, and today a bunch of Democrats piled out of their clown car to announce their bill to “save the Internet.” They even have a cool hashtag to go along with their bill: #SaveTheNet.

Thank you, Nancy! The Internet just hasn’t been the same since net neutrality rules were rolled back.

But … even Burger King ran an ad explaining why net neutrality was so important. Didn’t that get through to anyone?

Solid burn:

Seriously Democrats, please make net neutrality and the Green New Deal the pillars of your platform in 2020 … keep those priorities straight.